Comprehensive Services

professional IT and AI technologies

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Self-organizing programs and networks, artificial intelligence

Software development of open and corporate social networks with collective intelligence
Centralized and decentralized applications
Artificial Intelligence

Optimization tasks and interfaces

Algorithms for multicriteria optimization
Genetic algorithms
Neural networks

The emulator of the nervous systems for industrial and individual automated control systems
Fuzzy logic
Development of expert systems
Development of cloud systems for machine analysis of data

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Integration of CRM / ERP systems

The use of integration CRM / ERP systems is a comprehensive solution for combining the management of production departments, personnel, financial and economic activities, trading operations, balanced with the interaction of your company with each client at any stage in real time

Any type of cross-platform, server software and mobile applications 

Cyber security and distributed systems

Cryptographic Information Security
Malware Protection

Phishing Protection
Social Engineering

Confidential Information

 Portals, Tor networks 


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